• What is the work flow of OEM vapes?
  • Q:What is oil coil separation?

    As its name implies, OCS means the oil and coil are separated until initial activation. There are two advantages for doing so. In a word, it prevents leaking 100% while maintaining freshness of the e-liquid until the very last puff.

    Firstly, before using the disposable pod, OCS avoids any chemical reaction between the oil and the coil, thus maintaining the freshness of the e-liquid.

    At last, it is inevitable that cartridges will have some degree of leakage. Oil Coil Separation perfectly solves the problem by containing the e-liquid apart.

  • Q: what is the process of vape OEM?
  1. The OEM process begins with a comprehensive review of your goals and needs. This results in a detailed validation of how to turn your idea into a commercial product. This evaluation process results in a full understanding of the project, its complexity and its scope.
  2. Select a prouct from your partner(Manufacturer)
  3. Change some components to meet your goals and needs. Such as battery, capacity of Juice, resistance of coil etc.
  4. Design your package with your brand
  5. Place an order to manufacturer it.
  6. You got your own OEM product.
  • Q: How to Start Your Own Vape Brand?
  1.   A brand isn’t just a recognizable name and brand logo that distinguishes you in a crowded market. Your brand is how people perceive you wherever they interact with your business—both the impressions you can control and the ones you can’t.
  2. Research your target audience and your competitors, then write a business plan
  3. Pick your focus and personality
  4. Choose your business name and write your slogan
  5. Choose the color for your brand (colors and font), design your brand Logo and apply your branding across your business.
  6. Register your business, get any licenses or permits. Account for essential startup costs.
  7. Get business insurance,get a business credit card, business cheeking account
  8. Selct a suitable supplier. As 99% vape devices are manufactured in China, please contact a China vape factory first.
  9. Negotiate business with your suppliers