Why did we come to vape industry?

Since most of us cannot abandon bad habits, what we can do is to reduce this negative impact on health. Vape is more helpful to quit smoking due to some researches.

What are we offering?

STEAMOKE Technology provide vape mod, Ejuice from the big clouds ages started from 2013. If you want to build your own brand and get your design of disposable vape device, we are the best manufacturer and partner.  We offer customers a wide range of customizable products on function, specification, printings, etc. which cover every your reqquirement. We have 20 engineers with diverse background. With 4000 Sq.M manufacturer workshop, we can output 3000K disposable vape pod per months.

Where are we?

Steamoke Technology located in the youngest city of China, ShenZhen City. It is also a innovative, Hi-technology city. Founders of Steamoke dream to solve our problem of sub-health with help of the resource of this city.